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Public Policy and Lobbying

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Public Policy And Lobbying

Public Policy and Lobbying

Getsadze & Pateishvili offers a full range of lobbying services that are result-oriented.  Law Office works directly with Parliament, Government, Administrative Agencies and Public Affairs. Getsadze & Pateishvili has strong working relationships with legislators from political parties and officials at all levels of government.

As the legal environment has become increasingly complex, more and more individuals are in need of advocacy. Therefore, Getsadze & Pateishvili regularly works on behalf of its clients with State Offices and help them to solve problems with policy makers. As Law Office has many years of experience in this area, it helps clients achieve their public affairs goals by effectively navigating the policymaking process. Law Office actively educating policymakers about the legislative and regulatory issues that clients face.

On behalf of the clients, Getsadze & Pateishvili works in such broad areas of concentration as it is the following: Energy; Trade; Tax Policy; Corporate Law; Licenses and Permits; Financial Services; Intellectual Property, etc.

Getsadze & Pateishvili ensures that clients' messages are communicated and heard effectively.