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About Us

About Us

We consider our clients to be not only our partners in business but a part of our family as well.

Firm Overview

Getsadze & Pateishvili LLC is an independent Georgian law firm located in Tbilisi. Law Office Getsadze & Pateishvili is a legal successor of the Law Firm LTD Partner. LTD Partner was established by a mergence of two leading Georgian law firms in 2004 and than due to the specific changes in Georgian Legislation it changed to Limited Partnership Getsadze & Pateishvili and than to Getsadze & Pateishvili LLC

Today the firm is well known in Georgia and abroad. Law Office Getsadze & Pateishvili has many years of experience in lobbying services that deliver results for clients. Our approach to the business is - with responsibility to results.

Pro Bono

One of directions of Getsadze & Pateishvili Law Office is the implementation of strategic legal proceedings within Pro Bono (socially beneficial) activity.

 Our Law Firm has chosen as a major direction for the Pro Bono activity the most problematic issues at present in Georgia, which requires legal support until the system of legal assistance and social defender is established in Georgia. Currently, the availability of the legal assistance for socially unprotected sections of population is not provided in our country and the draft law on legal assistance is in the process of elaboration.

Legal Clinic

Legal Clinic is a mutual program of Caucasus University and Getsadze & Pateishvili Law Firm, which aims to involve the students of Caucasus University, Caucasus School of Law in practical activities and to equip them with relevant professional skills. The program was planned and prepared by Caucasus University on one hand and Getsadze & Pateishvili on the other hand.  

Program consists of two parts: 3 months – online learning and 3 months – practical course.