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19 September 2019


''Public performance'' as the authors property right. The restrictions and sanctions [Georgian]

29 July 2011

The scope of public performance and the legal condition of benefits derived from such performance.

Blueberry Fields Forever

31 December 2010

Abstract: The below working paper presents evidence of child labour in USA. Three children were seeing in Michigan blueberry fields carrying heavy baskets of fruits, ABC news reported in November, 2009.

Trying to find reasons, the history of child labour was looked through. Supply of child labour, or its Demand? Question is rhetorical. What is more important in long run schooling, or giving children jobs to help their poor families. Low wages will not help them to struggle poverty and moreover - child labour tend to be underground economy. Child labour provocates poverty, causes unemployment and further birth of unskilled workers.

Determinants of FDI in Developing Countries

03 December 2010

Abstract: The below working paper presents significance of Foreign Direct Investment as the most important capital flow. Determinants of FDI appeared to be momentous in quantity and quality of flow of investment to certain host country.

Intellectual Property Law in the Digital Age

24 June 2010

Digital revolution delivered unseen freedom of communication. People from all over the world started to access new invention called “internet” where they created and shared information, made up spontaneous internet communities without restrictions and levies and “Indeed, the very design of the Internet seemed technologically proof against attempts to put the genie back in the bottle”.

Protection of Minority Shareholders under UK Law

17 June 2010

This essay will discuss minority shareholder protection under the English Law. There are two main legal tools available to minority shareholders: a derivative claim and an unfair prejudice petition. It is submitted here that, though the remedies may overlap, nevertheless they serve different goals.

Private Property in Western Legal Philosophy

05 June 2010

This essay will discuss different schools of thought on property law. Starting from Locke and libertarians in the first part we will proceed to the utilitarian view on the subject.

Registration of legal Persons

12 January 2010

Registration of Cmpanies and NGO-s in Georgia (Georgian)

Arbitration Law

24 December 2009

The new legislation about private arbitration

EU Company Law Directives and Georgian Legislation [Georgian]

12 December 2009

Comparative Analysis of EU Company Law Directives and Georgian Company Law

The Squeeze-Out Rule in Georgia and Germany

12 September 2009

The comparative overview provides analysis of the squeeze-out rule from corporate governance perspective and underlines essential regulatory framework of two jurisdictions.

Legal Regulation of Controlling Entrepreneur’s Activity

14 May 2007

Controlling activity of enterprises has become an acute issue recently. 

The court practice existing with respect the legal relations arisen out of the provisions of unjust enrichment

17 April 2007

The acting Civil Code of Georgia has been in force as of 26 June 1997 and consists of six books. Out of these six books the largest and voluminous is the law of obligations. One of the chapters of the Law of Obligations, in particular, Chapter 3 of the Title Two (Articles 976-991), regulates unjust enrichment in the Civil Code.

Rules, procedure and forms of privatization of the state property according to the legislation of Georgia

02 March 2007

Following the Rose Revolution that took place in the modern history of Georgia, the rules for privatization of the property owned by the state have been simplified by the new government, which was followed by the rapid privatization of the property owned by the state.

Regulation of Labor-legal Relations in accordance with Liberalized Labor Code

13 February 2007

As you are aware, modification of norms regulating labor-legal relations was performed through a new Labor Code, which liberally affected essential and important institutions of labor relations. It is interesting to found out as to whose interests were more influenced by the liberalization of labor-legal relations?

Legal aspects of gambling business in Georgia

15 January 2007

Process of legalization of gambling business in the countries famous for gambling has started not a very long time ago.