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Amiran Giguashvili

Business law,Criminal law,Administrative law

Amiran Giguashvili

E-mail: giguashviliamiran@gmail.com

Amiran Giguashvili has a long term experience and successful practice of working as a Criminal Lawyer. He held various positions at Civil Service with serious responsibilities over years. He has been working as a fully authorized representative of Ministry of Defense in (military attache of) Ukraine.

Amiran Giguashvili\\\'s records show many successful dispute resolutions of brouhaha and significant precedent cases. He is also a founder and leader of right defensive non governmental organization that is focused on legal reformative matters of the country and quality of Justice development.

He graduated from Iv. Javakhishvili  Tbilisi  State University, and took  training courses in Japan and England.

Amiran has  passed Prosecutor's and judiciary qualification exams.

Amiran Giguashvili is also a member of Georgian Bar Association (GBA) licensed in the general practice, and is an associate Professor of law at Ilia State University.

He speaks Georgian, Russian and English languages.